Open Calls

There's really only one way to join #TeamAndMore, and that means getting your story into an anthology. So for you budding authors out there, here are some upcoming open calls you might want to take advantage of.

Caveat emptor! We try not to list anything sketchy, but (a) we're not lawyers, and (b) we're not you. So it's up to you to read the contract and figure out if the terms are acceptable to you. If they are, go for it! If not... move on.

Publishers & Authors if you have, or know of, an upcoming open call that we should list here, please let us know! Oh, and nothing against magazines, either print or web - but we're all about the anthologies here, so that's all we're listing.

General Links

These are a selection of the better resources I use when I'm doing my own research and building out the Open Call list. Some publishers here are more receptive to new authors; others, not so much...

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