Most people don't realize it, but a lot of anthologies out there are by invitation only. We're not knocking that at all! Publishers and editors want to put out a good book. Working with known, professional authors just makes sense.

There are publishers out there, though, who are more than willing to take a chance on new writers. They may do it in one of a few ways. Open calls for anthologies, rolling submissions for a quarterly periodical, or an annual contest. However it may happen, they're willing to put in the work to both find new writers, and help them improve their craft.

What follows is a list of tiny, small, and medium-sized publishers that hold open anthology calls or contests. For all you aspiring writers: these are the Good Guys. You want to be published, and they are looking for new writers to publish! Take some time, read what they've already put out... then take the plunge and send them something when you see an open call.

If there's a publisher that you think should be represented here, please let us know about it!

AETHON BOOKS is publishing the next generation of Science Fiction & Fantasy, from hit debuts like He Who Fight’s With Monsters, to explosive Military Sci-Fi like Contact Front, to the debut novel by actor Lou Diamond Phillips. Our mission is to build a bridge between authors and their potential readers.

Publisher of French poetry in translation, fantasy, science fiction & handmade books.

We were moved to start Ananke Press by the need to give voice to the kind of literature often overlooked by commercial publishers, the books that don’t fit neatly on a pre-assigned shelf: a psychological drama with a touch of the metaphysical; a love story that subverts all the genre tropes; a literary mystery masquerading as a crime caper; a historic account of a world that never was.

Angry Robot is a global imprint dedicated to the best in modern adult science fiction, fantasy and WTF?! Based in London and selling to the world, all our titles are available in paperback and DRM-free eBook.

We are a micro-publisher based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico that works in partnership with authors to publish their work. By printing as few as two titles a year we have been able to focus on quality over quantity and this has led to numerous awards for our titles.

Founded by Jim Baen, Baen Books has been bringing readers pulse-pounding, thought-provoking adventures straight from the heart of science fiction and fantasy for decades. We publish books in hardcover, paperback, and electronic form, and are one of the few traditional publishers that maintains its own ebooks webstore.

Blind Eye Books is dedicated to publishing the best science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance featuring LGBTQ protagonists.

Brother Mockingbird is a small, independent publisher committed to the discovery of talented writers with original stories. We work hard alongside the author to bring their book to life and to the marketplace.

"Our founder, Sue Arroyo, launched the company for the love of story, those tales that bewitch and dazzle you, grab hold of you and won’t let go. She calls them Books to Live In. ‘Cause that’s what she did when growing up."

"Your source for great stories by some of the newest voices in fiction. We’re just getting started here, but we already have a full line-up of short fiction slated for release in ebook format over the coming months — including science fiction, mystery, romance, and fantasy."

Cannon Publishing is a veteran owned Indie press specializing in developing new authors and telling great stories. We have several highly praised series and shared universes, good sales and a lot of great ratings. The CEO is himself a two time Dragon Award finalist and a pretty dang good writer.

Castle Bridge Media is an independent publisher of predominantly genre books, with particular interest in horror, science fiction, thriller, and fantasy.

Cemetery Gates Media is a publisher of horror and supernatural fiction from Binghamton, New York, founded by longtime friends John Brhel and Joe Sullivan in the summer of 2015.

Welcome to Chris Kennedy Publishing! Here, you will find the focus is on fun, message-free science fiction and fantasy! We have a number of authors and staff working every day to bring you the highest quality stories. 

City Owl Press is a cutting edge indie publishing company, bringing the world of romance and speculative fiction to discerning readers.

The publishing imprint associated with Critical Blast; largely focused on pop-culture related anthologies.

We strive to publish works that uplift and inspire, encouraging the reader to explore and discover while remaining morally grounded.  At the heart of our science fiction, mystery, NA/YA, and fantasy lies positive relationship dynamics, optimistic attitudes and non-salacious material.  Our non-fiction offers insightful information, uplifting ideas and real-life opportunities.  Our goal is to provide hope for the reader’s dreams and aspirations. 

"Good books. Home of un-woke fiction."

Enclave is a leading publisher of Christian speculative fiction. Whether it’s Christian science fiction you love, or fantasy, time travel, steampunk, alternate history, spiritual warfare, superhero, or technothriller—if it’s speculative and it comes from the Christian worldview, Enclave is the place to go. We strive to get Christian speculative fiction into the hands of the fans who love and devour great stories.

We aim, always, to make objects and books which are both beautiful and practical, that enrich the lives of the people who work with us and partner with us, who read and enjoy what we make.

Golden Storyline Books is an independent and traditional publisher of print and digital books. We are passionate about world class fiction and non-fiction in all genres that is original and exciting enough to appeal to the fasciation of our readers. We are home to accomplished authors and pride ourselves on working collaboratively to the highest professional standards with both established and debut writers.

Grendel Press is accepting novel submissions that fit into our chosen genres of Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Romance.

Hydra Publications prides itself on an outstanding record of delivering the best in thriller, mystery, horror, fantasy, and science fiction to its readers.

Jo Fletcher Books is part of the Quercus family, a small but perfectly formed list publishing the very best in best science fiction, fantasy and horror. If you love chunky, engrossing epic fantasy or fast-paced dystopian thrillers, alternate history or paranormal romance, far-future SF or mythic fantasy, spine-chilling horror or heroic fantasy, you’ll find them all here: just step through the portal into the wonderful worlds of Jo Fletcher Books.

A publishing company started by two guys who used to jump out of airplanes for a living.

We Are “New Author” Friendly! We do our best to help new authors get a foothold into this complicated publishing world. Sam is a firm believer of “paying it forward,” and we do our best to keep that value close to our hearts.

We deal with Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, in both fiction and academia. We are also a proud member of Publishing Scotland. We work with agents, published authors and new writers. We take pride in our family - the Luna family - and we work hard to promote and support it.

Mythic Roads Press is a traditional royalty-based book publisher, currently accepting full-length novel submissions (unagented or agented) in the fantasy, science fiction, and romance genres.

The Parliament House is a small traditional publisher, working with authors to produce brilliantly bizarre, original, and moving stories with an edge. The Parliament House curates voicey upmarket urban fantasy and paranormal fiction with an emphasis on uplifting marginalized voices and unconventional narratives.

Polis Books is an independent book publisher founded in 2013 aiming to deliver the service and distribution of a major trade publishing house with the nimbleness, innovation, and forward thinking of an independent press at the vanguard of an ever-changing industry. We are also the home to Agora, our new imprint focusing on crime fiction from unique and diverse social and cultural viewpoints, which launched Fall 2019.

Publisher of many, many themed anthologies. "Length and genre are negotiable, as long as the story fits the concept, and is entertaining."

Rebellion LIT is a literary affirmation that creativity is best served for the world’s enjoyment when owned by the creator on all levels, with no strings attached. Our purpose is that of two goals: to showcase literary works produced with no regards to non-creative barriers; and to collaborate with other free-spirited writers who wish to buck the status quo in one form or another.

A small press with a big heart.

Established in 2008 Severed Press is a leading independent publisher of horror and science fiction. Publishing trade paperbacks and E-Books. Severed Press has earned a reputation for excellence, quality and commitment to new and established authors alike. 

We love books and we are crazy-passionate about publishing the best adult Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Action-Adventure around. Though our stories can be thought provoking at times, our primary goal is to entertain readers with wild stories and interesting characters you can’t walk away from.

Sourcebooks' mission is to reach as many people as possible through books that will enlighten their lives. We are an independent, women-led publisher bound together by the idea that Books. Change. Lives.

We are a small publishing house, started as a way to publish our own works that we didn’t want to hand over to someone else. From there we decided to open our doors to help others take a step up and see their dreams come true. What we look for in submissions, are fun stories. They don’t have to be thought-provoking or profound, but they do have to pull us in and take us on an adventure.

We at Tiny Fox Press came together wanting three things: talented writers, wonderful stories, and the entrance to Doc Noss’s lost gold mine. Though it might take a couple of fortnights for us to find that mine (send us your hot tips, please), we’re confident we can find the first two and give our readers great books to enjoy.

TINY GHOST PRESS is an independent publisher specialising in QUEER YOUNG ADULT fiction, with a taste for all things spook-tacular. Here at Tiny Ghost Press we're developing a roster of fresh, engaging books for an often overlooked audience. To create a platform for the spooky oddballs, the goth ghouls, the teen wolves, and anyone who lives outside the norms of society.

The YA Imprint of Superversive Press.