Most people don't realize it, but a lot of anthologies out there are by invitation only. We're not knocking that at all! Publishers and editors want to put out a good book. Working with known, professional authors just makes sense.

There are publishers out there, though, who are more than willing to take a chance on new writers. They may do it in one of a few ways. Open calls for anthologies, rolling submissions for a quarterly periodical, or an annual contest. However it may happen, they're willing to put in the work to both find new writers, and help them improve their craft.

What follows is a list of anthologies from those publishers. For all you aspiring writers: these are the Good Guys. You want to be published, and they are looking for new writers to publish! Take some time, read what they've already put out... and then take the plunge and send them something when you see an open call.

Authors & Editors - if there's an anthology you'd like to see here, please let us know about it!

Black Tide (Gary Poole & John Ringo)

Freehold (Michael Z. Williamson)

Noir (Larry Correia & Kacey Ezell)


Seventh Seal Press (Chris Kennedy & Mark Wandrey)

Theogony Press  (Jamie Ibson & Chris Kennedy)

Blood Moon Press (Christopher Woods & Chris Kennedy)

New Mythology (Rob Howell and Chris Kennedy)

Hit World Press

Individual Anthologies