The Super-Secret Origin Story of #TeamAndMore

In a Facebook post, Jamie Ibson recounts the secret origin story (kind of) of #TeamAndMore...

Jamie Ibson is with Jesse Barrett and KC Seville.
February 28 at 6:34 PM

Hear ye, hear ye

As it has recently come up

#TeamAndMore is an Everyone Is Welcome thing.

It originally came out of Mad Mike's Freehold: Resistance group, I don't recall who specifically coined the term though I suspect it might have been Kacey because, among all the other things, she is All About That Teamwork.

It refers, specifically, to anthology authors whose names don't appear on the cover of said anthology. See, most anthologies list a bunch of contributors who have some Reader Recognition, and then because cover space is limited, usually concludes with "...and more!"

Although I believe Kacey is the one who coined the term (Ironic since she was *Honorary* Team ...And More for Resistance, in that her name *did* appear on the cover) I'm the one who came up with the red circle logo and got it drawn up for embroidering over at Rob Marshall's Etsy Store (CreativeJemsGA, go check him out). Because Rob knows me through the 4HU fan organization, he tagged it as 4HU.


#TAM is big tent. I don't care if you write for CKP, Baen, Three Ravens, Cannon, Raconteur, some other publishing house I've never heard of, or some Big publishing house *everyone* has heard of. It's all good. We all gotta start somewhere, and I firmly believe short stories are a great way for fledgling authors to get practice in before swinging for the fences, if they're so inclined. That's one reason I've tried to include at least one, if not a few new or unpublished authors in my We Dare anthos.

And honestly it's pretty ffing rad to show up at LibertyCon and see people I only know from the interwebs walking around with a TAM patch. Puts a big smile on my face.

PS, if you're in an antho and it goes #1 Orange Tag on Amazon, let me know. I've got a special Orange TAM picture specifically for when that kind of awesomeness happens. 😃 

PPS, one of these days I'm gonna see about getting a top rocker with "Honorary" on it for when you Make It Big and your name starts selling books just by appearing on the cover. 😃 Haven't exactly gotten around to it yet but I really should.

PPPS, thank you for reading all the way to the bottom.