The Completely Unofficial Home of

Team "... and More"!

What the heck is Team "... and More"?

We're the author version of the opening act at a concert. The new guys, the up-and-coming. The folks with not quite enough of a following to get our name on the cover of our own book or an anthology (yet!)

We might be listed as "... and others", "... with many others", or some variation. However you slice it, we're #TeamAndMore - and we're proud of it!

If you're interested in where it all started, check out the super-secret origin story for #TeamAndMore!

Did you say "books"? Where can I find them?

We did indeed!

We're currently building a list of Team members (and Emeritus members!) to help you find the quality reading you've come to expect.

There's also a list of published anthologies that include quite a few of those names in their table of contents. Check them out, too!

How can I join Team "... and More!"

Be a published author that hasn't (yet!) had an editor put your name on the cover of a book or an anthology.

That's it. Really. If that's you, you're on #TeamAndMore. Simple, eh?

If you're not yet published, and trying to figure out where to start, might we recommend perusing our list of anthology open calls? Find something that inspires you, then place "butt in chair, hands on keyboard" and start writing! 

Of course, once you're published? If you want us to list you here as a member of the Team, you'll have to tell us who you are. Oh, and give us a link to where people can buy your stuff! Because getting published is fantastic, but getting paid is even better.

Published or not, join us on Facebook in the Team "... and More!" discussion group to connect with your fellow authors!

Sounds cool. Now tell me about swag.

Can do! Check out our swag page. There are patches, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and all sorts of other cool stuff you can use to let the world know you're part of #TeamAndMore!